— Excellence in Clinical Investigations —

Our experienced investigators are trained in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and have successfully completed several of Phase II-IV trials across multiple therapeutic areas.

Our purpose is:


  • To partner with our pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO clients to support the successful outcome of your clinical trials;


  • To surpass your needs for time, quality and results.


  • To deliver a higher standard of excellence and integrity in all that we do.

About Us:

Institute of Research and prevention of chronic diseases is is an expert organization in the development of clinical research. IIPEC Institute It is composed of a multidisciplinary team of highly effective professionals in the development of Phase II-IV. Our goal is to provide exceptional services to our sponsors and participants.

IIPEC has conducted with success clinical research studies for several pharmaceutical sponsors and CROs. Our team has extensive experience of conducting all phases of trials across a comprehensive therapeutically areas  (Endocrinology, Oncology, Cardiology, Virology).

iipec ofreceoffers:

  • Access to large physician multi-specialty practices and leaders practitioners
  • Our team is comprised of Research Coordinators (averaging 5 years’ experience), Clinical Research Investigators (averaging 20 years’ experience), administrative, regulatory, recruitment, and laboratory personnel.
  • Site Managers, Network Managers, Directors, and an Executive staff ensure excellence among our sites.
  • Staff training and staff retention; web based training capabilities
  • Comprehensive SOPs available through secured electronic access
  • Contractual relationships with large, multi-specialty physician practices and healthcare institutions providing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) access to over 1,000 active patient lives
  • Proprietary database of over 5,000 engaged past or potential research participants
  • Dedicated communications team implements fully-integrated recruitment and retention campaigns including: Physician practice outreach; Community outreach and public relations; Email/direct mail database and external outreach; and Digital, social, and traditional media marketing
  • Institute have customized and dedicated monitoring workspaces
  • Facility Compliance
  • Secured and climate controlled investigational drug storage
  • IATA certifications
  • Standard Equipment and Services
  • Emergency equipment and supplies
  • ECGs
  • Dedicated clinical refrigeration and freezer
  • Remote temperature monitoring via software TempGuard
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing
  • Laboratories equipped for clinical trial specimen processing
  • IRB
  • Experience with 20 electronic data capture (EDC) systems
  • Fully integrated Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)
  • Proprietary software housing the participant database
  • Sponsor portal capabilities
  • On and off-site storage compliant with International requirements


  • 30 staff members averaging five years of experience with IIPEC
  • Clinical Research Coordinators,
  • Regulatory Document Specialists
  • IT Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Budget and Contracts Specialists
  • EDC Specialists
  • Laboratory Staff
  • Leadership Team


  • 25+ Principal Investigators

Innovation and Strategy

  • Management of strategic partnerships and alliances with institutional healthcare systems, pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations (CROs)
  • Management of integration efforts with practices and institutional healthcare systems
  • Collaboration with IIPEC Leadership team in areas of operational excellence and growth opportunities

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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies designed to answer specific questions about investigational medications. The trials are designed to assess both the safety and effectiveness of a product and are carefully conducted under rigorous ICH guidelines. They are the only way that medications, medical devices, and vaccines can become available to us. Every medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, has been through the clinical trial process.

Clinical trials can also be conducted on medications that are already approved by the Regulatory Agencies to determine if it may be useful for another condition, or to determine the safety or effectiveness of long-term use.

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Benefits Of Clinical Trials

If you are thinking about volunteering for a clinical trial, you should know that doing so can provide some benefits. One great benefit that can result from your participation in a clinical trial is your ability to attain professional care from a team of educated, experienced medical experts throughout the time you spend in the trial. Because medical teams oversee clinical trials, they are oftentimes able to offer quality information and advice regarding the medical conditions that trial participants have. Study-related care and procedures, as well as treatments and supplies provided to participants during a clinical trial are often at no cost. Individuals who opt to participate in clinical trials are frequently able to access the treatments used in the trial before they are released to the general public. If the drug used in the clinical trial is actually effective, this means that you could gain access to a form of treatment that improves your health. Another advantage you can gain by participating in a clinical trial is the ability to generate supplemental income for yourself. Many clinical trials may pay participants for their time and travel expenses.

What To Expect During The Clinical Trial

In order to know what to expect if you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you should gain a basic understanding of the kind of research that is being conducted. If you have been selected to test the efficacy of the drug, the clinical trial will incorporate you actually taking the drug and being examined to determine whether the medicine is effective. Generally, the site staff of a clinical trial will include study doctors, study coordinators or nurses and/or other types of health care professionals. Their role will be to analyze your health and determine if the trial is a good fit for you. After doing so, they will provide you with guidance and instruction regarding what you need to do throughout the trial, called Informed Consent.

When you qualify for the trial, the study team will monitor you to see how you are tolerating the medication and assess changes to your condition over time. The study team follows you closely during the clinical trial to ensure your safety and that study rules and regulations are consistently followed. Depending on the condition that you have and its severity, you may find yourself subject to more doctor visits and diagnostic tests than you’d receive during normal healthcare visits. These visits and tests are designed as part of the clinical trial to ensure that the research site can monitor your safety and health.

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— Learn More —

Clinical trials are valuable to world health because they help scientists and members of the medical community understand whether a medication, device or vaccine is safe and effective. If you are interested in gaining more information regarding clinical trials, you can read the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute’s important articles “What Are Clinical Trials?” and “What Are The Possible Benefits and Risks of Clinical Trials?”

You may also contact us at any time and we will help provide you with information to decide if participating in a clinical trial is right for you.