Cardiologic clinic

Objective: To provide a multidisciplinary service in the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease decreasing the risk of an adverse event.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of disability and premature death worldwide. Between the underlying problems we have are the overweight, obesity and the diseases that trigger and its progress over the years, so when symptoms appear, usually in middle age, the disease course is in stage advanced. In this sense the episodes coronary (heart attack) and cerebrovascular events (stroke) occur of suddenly and often lead to the death of patients before they can dispense of the required medical attention.

Taking as based the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and looking for solutions and support to the local health, the clinic cardiology unit of the “Institute for Research and Prevention of Chronic Diseases, SC” IIPEC, provides specialized services and of research with highly specialized health in the cardiovascular, thoracic and neurovascular area, which feature high standards of scientific and technical excellence in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac diseases.

Our team of doctors and investigators has sufficient training and certifications that guarantee their extensive experience in the area, and accrediting our activities in the “institute IIPEC“, also they promote the regulating the care and quality of patient care, as well as promoting research and training of health professionals.

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The “ Institute IIPEC ” also has a multidisciplinary care model that is in constant communication, which ensures a medical service of high specialty, and that optimized the results of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Knowing the importance that represents preventing a disease, we focus on the detection and modification of risk factors that could lead to cardiovascular events and premature death in patients with established cardiovascular disease and those with high cardiovascular risk to one or more factors risky.

— Detection —

The ” Research Institute and Prevention and of Chronic Diseases ” IIPEC, also offers evidence-based recommendations on how to reduce the incidence of first and subsequent clinical events of coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease in two categories of people:


People with risk factors who have not yet shown symptoms of cardiovascular disease (primary prevention).


People with coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease or peripheral vascular established (secondary prevention).


Once evaluated and stabilized the condition of our patients in either of the two categories of persons concerned, the monitoring of patients in primary care services under periodic recommendations by specialists is performed.

In what cases we can be dispensed the stratification through of cardiovascular risk tables for therapeutic decision making?

Some individuals have a high cardiovascular risk because they suffer established cardiovascular disease or have them very high levels of a risk factor. In these cases it is not necessary to stratify risk using tables to take treatment decisions, because these people belong to the high risk category. All they require intensive interventions of change in their lifestyle and proper drug treatment.

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It thus, our team classifies people in:

  • With established cardiovascular disease.
  • Without established cardiovascular disease but with a total cholesterol ≥ 8. mmol/l (320 mg/dl), an LDL cholesterol ≥ 6 mmol/l (240 mg/dl) or a relationship CT/C-HDL > 8.
  • Without established cardiovascular disease but with figures of permanently high blood pressure (>160-170/100-105 mmHg).
  • With type 1 or type 2 of diabetes with overt nephropathy or other significant renal disease.
  • With renal failure or deterioration of renal function.