Products & Services

Patient Assistance Programs

IIPEC with a team with over 10 years experience in Assistance Programs, Detection and Patient Adherence has developed management programs, prescription and support for people enrolled in the health sector institutions with an appropriate attachment to treatment.

Our experts also offer healthcare advice to guide their patients, changes in the Health Act.

Nursing Care

Our team provides care to patients nationwide contact regardless of location. Our 24/7 support clinical center is staffed by trained nurses who offer a wide health care on site and / or telephone support. Among the services provided they are:

  • Education of the disease
  • Indications of product or device
  • Psychological support
  • Qualified nurses to homes
  • Centers Care or Clinics
  • Proactive support for reporting adverse events.

Adherence Program

Adherence Programs’ IIPEC  lead to better adherence to treatment, to achieve patient outcomes.

Adherence Programs are led by highly rated by therapeutic area. Knowledge of administrative processes and control programs gives us the support to carry out our adherence programs.

The goal of our program is to help patients remain in their treatment,  streamlining processes reference.

Adverse Event management and reporting, including:

Service coordinators Patient trained and skilled in identifying adverse events, Education programs and workshops for patients.

  • Patient Education
  • Visits nursing home or alternate site patient care
  • Information and administration of specific products